Girls Junior Varsity Sideline Cheer, Girls Varsity Sideline Cheer · Edmondson (cheer) leading the way as new head coach!

The Roger Bacon family welcomed a familiar face to the coaching staff this school year. Latreec’e Edmondson was hired to take over the Roger Bacon Cheerleading program last Spring. Latreec’e has been a part of the Spartan family for 3+ years now as her son and step-son, Jeremiah and Zuri, are seniors at RB.

This isn’t her first coaching job either as she was the head cheer coach at Woodward for the past couple years. Even with previous experience, Edmondson still faced some challenges as the “new” coach. “I must admit I was nervous coming in as a new coach. Especially because I had such a big senior group, I was prepared for a little resistance because there were going to be changes and I knew some would not want a new coach their senior year.  However, every team member was so warm and welcoming! And the parent support I have is top notch! The energy of the team has been amazing too. Our student-athletes push each other and themselves at all times!” said Edmondson.

Latreec’e and the team wasted no time and got started right away as conditioning/training started in June. When asked about the off-season program, she commented “We did a ton of conditioning, spent numerous hours of practice, revamping cheers and chants chants. We also held a cheer camp, parent showcase, team bonding and a choreograph camp for upcoming cheer competitions.”

Coming in, Coach Edmondson knew she would have to meet with her senior captains to help ease the transition of being new to the program. She mentioned, “Our senior captains Tyra and Raven have been outstanding leaders and captains. They are always positive and give their team members great advice. A lot of times they will take responsibility for something that needs to be done prior to me saying anything. It’s great to have such great senior leadership!”

Latreec’e has big things in mind for the future of the Cheer program! She stated, “First and foremost, continuing to grow our student-athletes in the classroom and on the field/court will always be the main goal! Entering and winning competitions is also something we want to do so we can bring back some trophies to Roger Bacon!”