Boys Varsity Volleyball · Boys Volleyball eager for a return to the court

“We can’t wait to get to out there and play. We are all hungry and excited.”

These are the words of senior Nick Nonnamaker when asked about the upcoming Boys Volleyball season which was set to begin this past Tuesday, March 24th for a road game vs the Carroll Patriots.

But, due to the recent Covid-19 postponement of Spring sports, the team is going to have to wait a little bit longer to return to the court.

The Spartans are coming off a tough season in 2019 but the players have high hopes for this year’s team.

“Our core group of guys have been playing for three years. Our chemistry on and off the court is so strong from playing for so long together. This is the shortest team I have seen by far (our tallest guy doesn’t even reach 6 feet) and we all seem to not let that, or anything, keep us down. This is a very special team and I know we can win some ball games,” said TJ DeWees ’20.

Clay Feazell ’20 adds, “Our team has struggled in the past but personally I think we’ve been working harder and playing better right now than at the end of the season last year. If we get a chance to play this year then I think things will go well.”

“This team has a good mix between upperclassmen and underclassmen. We have some great athletes on the team and have some important key components to be a great team,” says Nonnamaker ’20. 

The postponement of the season also means practices have come to a halt and the gym has been closed up. But, the Spartans are finding different ways to stay in shape and practice their skills through this unique situation.

DeWees ’20 states, “I have been setting a volleyball into a certain area from different distances as well as hitting on to my garage roof to work on my hitting & serving motion. My sister, Mary Kate ’19, also helps me by running defensive drills in our front yard.”

“We all try to go outside our homes and play for a little bit – maybe get a couple of arm swings in or maybe set the ball up against a wall,” says Feazell ’20.

As anyone could imagine, the players are extremely bummed their season has been delayed. Despite this, they all understand the bigger picture.

“The shutdown and postponement of the school and the season is upsetting and a difficult thing to adjust to. But, I understand why it’s happening. Everyone needs to stay safe and if we come back to school and have a season we will be stronger and healthier than ever,” said Feazell ’20.

DeWees ’20 added, “In the moment, I want to get angry and think it’s unfair to postpone my senior season, but later I realize that this is saving lives and is something I would do if I were in Governor DeWine’s shoes.”

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