Spartans News · 51st Annual Sports Stag Canceled

After much discussion and circumstances out of our control, the 51st Annual Roger Bacon Sports Stag has been canceled due to reasons surrounding COVID-19.

The four newest members of the Roger Bacon Hall of Fame are:

  • Bob Salt ’65
  • Ron Henke ’74
  • Tommy Kramer ’86
  • Tommy Watkins ’98

For 50 straight years, on the third Thursday of January, Roger Bacon has put on one of the best stags around. This decision wasn’t an easy one but it was the right one.

“We are all extremely disappointed that we cannot hold the best Sports Stag in Cincinnati this year. We feel terrible for the inductees and their families and friends.  With the conditions and restrictions the way they surrounding COVID-19, we felt it is in the best interest of Roger Bacon and the Stag to cancel. The Sports Stag is not just a hall of fame ceremony – it is an event, a reunion, and a celebration of Roger Bacon history and we feel the inductees deserve the same environment they have come to know for the past 50 years!” says Roger Bacon Athletic Director, Steve Rossi.

Head Football Coach & Stag Chair, Mike Blaut ’88, states “we are terribly disappointed to announce the cancelation of the best Sports Stag in Cincinnati. With current conditions and restrictions, it has been decided to best honor tradition by canceling and come back in 2022 which will allow for a worthy experience for the inductees, their families and friends”.

The Sports Stag also happens to be the biggest fundraiser every year for the Athletic Department. In lieu of the Stag, the Athletic Department will be holding an online split the pot raffle over the course of the entire winter season. Stay tuned as that information will be released within the coming weeks! We appreciate any and all support!

More information will also be released soon in regards to our Women’s Hall of Fame Ceremony.